Polygon Cozmic RX 2.0

Do you want a race-ready ride that is light and will not burn a hole in your pocket? A ride that makes you want to push your limits and is equipped with components that are crisps and more than just reliable?

Polygon Cozmic RX 2.0 is the answer.

Do not be deceived by the Cozmic’s simple and minimalist graphics. The ride could be epic or even podium-worthy if you can produce the goods.

As I got hold of the Cozmic RX 2.0, I was attracted by its sleekness and the neat joint areas. The bike looked so smooth as my eyes gloss over it. Lifting the bike off the grounds, I was pretty amazed to find that it was lighter than it looks. Giving the frame a slight tap and I found that answer to its lightness; the frame is made of carbon fibre tube to tube. With XC racing geometry and stock quality parts such as Shimano drivetrain and controls, Mavic wheelset and Ritchey cockpit, the Cozmic is enough to poison you and make you feel like a racer when you get on board.

The Specifications

Zooming in on the specifications, the main frame is carbon-fibre tube-to-tube bonded. This allows the manufacturer to increase strength at important areas and shave off the unnecessary to achieve a lightweight but strong and durable frame. Casted carbon fibre produces a seamless frame but surprisingly, Polygon has also done it with the tube-to-tube configuration.

Upfront is a Marzocchi Corsa RLO and it certainly offers excellent traction while absorbing bumps with plushness. The fork also functions well in climbs with the lock-out frame feature. It may not be as light as other forks out there, but it definitely gives one the stability at descents. The cockpit is built with the Ritchey Pro series but why wasn’t the bike given a Ritchey Headset to match? The drivetrain is a combined groupset of Shimano XT and SLX. The braking response from the SLX brake set was superb, matching with the new 6-bolt XT rotors. The drivetrain is accompanied by the blissful shifting of the SLX shifters and XT Shadow rear derailleur. An XT crankset with a pressed-fit bottom bracket makes it neat and tidy.

For the best traction on the trail, Coxmic RX 2.0 doesn’t come with “normal” set of wheels but a pair of race-ready tubeless Mavic Crossmax XT wheelset with sweet graphics. The Maxxis Ignitor 2.1” UST tires ensure a superb ride with grip that can shred tight swithbacks. The wheelset is 15mm thru axle front, which explains the stiffness during steering. The thick straight-pull spokes are also surprisingly strong and weight saving. Basically, the whole bike adds up to a good package and you can’t ask for more for the matching price tag of SGD 3,400.

The Verdict

From my very first pedal stroke on the Cozmic RX 2.0, I felt like a racer on the go. The test ride was conducted at Bukit Timah Hill where the 2009 National Cross Country Race was held. As I cranked up the rocky entrance of Bukit Timah Biking Trail, I was hit by a sudden realization; this bike is very light! Although it took me a short while to adapt ti the ‘Race Geometry”, I was soon flying through the trails in no time. The handling was pretty much straight forward around the corners with the flat bars spotting some trendy bar ends. Everything went really smooth and it was not complicated to operate the smart lock-out gadget on the trail.

For weight-weenies, the cockpit and some other components still holds potential room for upgrades like carbon bar-stem combos, carbon seat post and everything else that’s Cozmic RX 2.0, there’s really no need to upgrade unless you’re bent on really taking it to the extreme. There wasn’t any obvious flexing during the climbs and downs and everything about the bikes seemed perfectly integrated.

The Cozmic RX 2.0’s frame may not have that super ‘bling’ factor, but it’ll ride and race well in the hands of any competent rider.

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